Here are some of the blog posts that I “loved” this week.

  • A year of Growth

    This practical post by Spanish elementary school teacher, Jennifer Kennedy, may be one of my favorites of the new year so far. Reflecting on her own growth as a teacher, Jennifer gives three recommendations that any teacher can follow to help them become a better teacher. What a great model of reflective practice! “We are happy when we are growing.”  Read Jennifer’s post –> 

  • The Global Goals

    French and Spanish teacher, Lynn Johnston, shares a great resource that has inspired her in this original post and a follow-up post to think how she can move from just a standard topical approach to language learning to larger thematic and a truly real life focus. Move from vocabulary to service learning. And do all of that with her novice-level language learners in mind. The authentic resource link she shares is gold!  Read Lynn’s post –> 

  • Blogs to watch 2017

    If you can’t get enough of world language teacher blogs like me, you’ll like Spanish educator, Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell’s annual list of blogs. I always like finding new ones and who knows, whose post will end up in these weekly summaries this year. I know, I’ve already bookmarked a couple I didn’t know. Read Sara-Elizabeth’ post –> 

  • Teaching to the Eyes

    I’m finding more and more posts these days that address a renewed focus on relationship building with students and Latin teacher, Miriam Patrick, shares some very practical advice in her post on how to “include all students, no matter what they walk in the room with.” Read Miriam’s post –> 

  • Theme by Meme

    Not only does Spanish teacher, Carrie Toth, share her ideas on how she used memes in her class to provide additional and sometimes even subliminal input for her students, but she reminds us how to work smarter and not harder. Read Carrie’s post –> 

  • This week on the Path 2 Proficiency: A Foldable City

    Rose continues her posts on strategies that wish I could visit her classroom every week. In this post, she provides step-by-step instructions on using foldables as a way to not only engage her students creatively, but carefully prepare them for a fun speaking task. You’ll want to do this with your students! Read Rose’ post –> 


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