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Christi Gilliland has served as Williamson County School’s World Language Curriculum Specialist since 2012. Prior to that she taught Spanish to grades K-12 for a decade. She is committed to helping teachers grow professionally in order to create better language learning experiences for students. She strongly believes that any PD should reach the students’ desks. She was happy to represent NADSFL as an ACTFL Leadership Initiative for Learning Languages (LILL) fellow. The monthly NADSFL Café webinar sessions materialized as a direct result of her work with LILL. These sessions bring together experts in the field of World Language education to help leaders across the country learn more about current best practices. Currently, she is working hard to help her district transition to proficiency-based instruction and curriculum. As a good Southerner should, many areas of her life are often guided by the question, “What would Dolly Parton do?”

Move Fast and Break Things
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Move Fast and Break Things

Anybody else out there have a long commute? Mine really gets to me some days. Fortunately, podcasts keep my brain fed and me from being on the news when somebody ignores the rules of the road. I recommend the latest batch of podcasts I stumbled across called The Masters of Scale. Reed Hoffman, one of […]